Ramona and Gareth - Washington DC National Arboretum Engagement

April 11, 2018  •  2 Comments

Gareth and Ramona have a love story worthy of a novel. Ramona hails from Poland. While working as an Au Pair in the United States, her path crossed with Gareth. It was practically love at first site, they said. Over the next two years, they dated across continents and time zones. When Gareth proposed, Ramona never hesitated, but getting a United States Visa would be a challenge. For over a year, they filled out forms and filed paperwork. They never dared set a wedding date. Finally, Ramona received her Visa! Now the flurry of paperwork has become a flurry of wedding planning, as they have to be married within 90 days!

Gareth contacted me a few weeks before Ramona's flight landed in DC. He knew that she would want to celebrate their engagement, so he wanted to surprise her with a photo session! He choose Washington DC's National Arboretum as their backdrop, quite the quintessential location with the towering Corinthian Columns. I was excited to meet them both and hear more about their exciting love story!

The day was warm and gorgeous when we met in front of the columns. Unfortunately, they were under construction, the columns surrounded by bright orange fencing. Nothing deterred them, however. We took advantage of the weather and sunlight and first photographed among the Bonsai trees. We chatted as we walked to other beautiful locations, a grassy field, a cherry blossom tree, a marble fountain. They were so in love and excited to be together at last!


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These photographs are incredible!
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