Senator Theatre Engagement - Courtney and Benjamin

March 12, 2018  •  1 Comment

The cherry red Chevy Impala pulled up to the curb. My heart revved along with the 8-cylnder engine.

It was a warm Fall day and the people of Baltimore were just waking up on an early Saturday morning. The Senator Theatre marque announced movies now playing...and the impending nuptials of Courtney and Benjamin. We photographed in the warm sun. My couple were dressed to kill in red plaid and a killer leather jacket, that complemented the theatre and Impala impeccably. The couple's daughter, sweet and outspoken, joined us for some cute family shots. 

I was excited to photograph inside the classic Art Deco theater. We began at the stainless steel candy display, with its lights and bright colors, then made our way throughout the classic interior. In the screening room, Courtney and Benjamin displayed their acting chops. "You're watching a sweet film," I prompted as they looked at the dark screen. “Now it's horror " They aren't just pretty faces, fans. I sense an Oscar Nomination on the horizon.

We finished the session in the grand foyer, taking advantage of the architecture, colors and natural light. If how the couple relished the spotlight this much during just their engagement session, their June wedding is sure to be a box office smash!




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