Goody Two Shoes Photography | About
The two Goody Two Shoes, James and Danielle, are a husband and wife team, and fur parents to the extraordinary Maine Coon, Sir Leonardo. They enjoy good craft beer, traveling the world, cats, binge-watching television shows, and cats. Together, they each use their skills and passion to capture the authentic and special moments of weddings and engagements.
Danielle Schuh (despite the extra consonants, it is pronounced shoe) has been expressing herself through photography for over ten years. Her passion began in the darkroom of a southern Arizona high school classroom, grew throughout higher education at Northern Arizona University and continues today in Washington DC. Her favorite wedding day event is those last hours before the ceremony. It is not just all hair, make-up and cufflinks, but also anticipation and excitement that can never be recreated.  
James joins Danielle as a second photographer. He lends a casual, light, and fun vibe to groom portraits, and can put even the most nervous couple at ease. Having been trained by Danielle, he works seamlessly with her style to support and capture the little moments of each wedding. Using unique camera angles and composition, James loves documenting the handcrafted decor of an event that so lovingly depicts the personality of each couple.
Contact us today to create amazing memories together, or send us pictures of cats. We love cats.